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  • Oasis 32 ounce Crystal Color Pet Water Bottle w/ Cage Hanger is perfect for providing fresh water to small animals.  
  • Oasis CRYSTAL COLOR™ is a line of sleek and shining color-tinted water bottles suitable for small animals and cage birds. Crystal Color bottles are available in blue, green, purple, and soft red with color coordinating caps. Bottle material is durable PET plastic which is long lasting and recyclable. 
  • These water bottles are visually pleasing and offer a tailored uncluttered appearance. 
  • If you are looking for more of a designer look in upscale cage accessories at a discount price this is the bottle for you! Children with habitat type pet homes like the color selection, creating fun color combinations or matching the bottle to the color of their pocket pet's plastic home.
  • Each Crystal Color bottle comes with a durable plastic cap with that features two heavy stainless steel balls inside the stainless steel drinking tube's ball-point tip. 
  • Easy to mount on wire cages with the wire bail. 
  • Colors are fantastic and with the included floating ball inside its easy to see water level at a glance!  
  • Easy to train for small dogs or cats.  Simply fill with water and attach to cage or a Caraval Pet Water Stand .  Remove all other water sources and put a little peanut butter on the tip.
  • Buy with Confidence these water bottles are ready to bring vibrant color and fresh water to your small animal!


Oasis 32oz Water Bottle

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  • 32oz Pet Water Bottle

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